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1. Global architecture
2. Classes
3. Courses
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Table of Contents

1. Global architecture
1.1. Classes and courses
1.2. Users and Roles
1.2.1. Add a new user to the platform
1.3. Presentation of the main menu
1.4. Certificates
1.5. Section "My achievements"
1.6. Homepage management (for authenticated users)
1.7. SCORM Support
1.8. Statistics and dashboards
2. Classes
2.1. Creation of a new class
2.2. Modification of an existing class
2.3. Add or remove students into a class
2.4. Sort courses inside a class
3. Courses
3.1. Creation of a new course
3.2. Modification of an existing course
3.3. Add or remove students into a course
3.4. Tools proposed inside courses
3.4.1. Tool "Lesson"
3.4.2. Tool "Documents"
3.4.3. Tool "Forum"
3.4.4. Tool "Poll"
3.4.5. Tool "Videoconference"
3.4.6. Tool "Quiz import"
3.4.7. Tool "Video gallery"
3.5. Management of quotas inside courses
3.6. Using pre-tests (or entrance tests) for courses
3.7. Audio app
3.8. External Video App

Lessons allow teachers to assess students and provide slideshows with course content and/or questions.

Allows users to view group statistics

Forums allow teachers and students to communicate.